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The Compliance Team is a nationally recognized healthcare accreditation organization. It provides comprehensive accreditation services to healthcare providers based in all fifty states, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. The Compliance Team’s proprietary accreditation status is known as Exemplary Provider Accreditation®.

Our industry-leading accreditation model features healthcare’s first comprehensive set of plain language, operations-driven quality standards with expert-led implementation guidance. We have the distinction of being a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise and of being recognized by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Founder and CEO, Sandra C. Canally, RN (Sandy) is the principal architect and author of the firm’s accreditation programs. Our programs are centered on Sandy’s passionately held belief that “every patient deserves exemplary care” and that “healthcare delivery excellence should not be difficult or costly to achieve.”

The Compliance Team is the only healthcare accreditation organization whose founder still runs the organization and is intimately involved in day-to-day decisions.

In 2019, we are celebrated our 25th year anniversary.

The Compliance Team Celebrates 25-years of Healthcare Accreditation Transformation

2019 marks 25 years since nurse/ entrepreneur, Sandra (Sandy) C. Canally, RN formed her healthcare evaluation firm, The Compliance Team, Inc.

In 1994, Sandy began by securing contracts with large mid-Atlantic managed care insurance firms to evaluate prospective physician network members and ancillary service providers. As a result, over the course of 18-months, Sandy and her “team” credentialed over 4,000 provider organizations.

By the mid-1990s, Sandy was convinced that the dominant healthcare accreditation programs of the day had grown unnecessarily complex and burdensome. She also concluded that the distractions they likely introduced contributed to less-than-optimal patient care performance.

“The starting point for improvement is to recognize the need.” ― Masaaki Imai

During those early years, Sandy started to develop a radically different set of quality measures, along with the common-sense protocols to meet them. Consequently, her approach dramatically simplified healthcare accreditation and turned the entire process into a much more reliable and consumer-friendly indicator of patient care quality.

Thanks to Sandy’s chutzpah, buoyant optimism, and genius at keeping the “minutiae” to a minimum, The Compliance Team is recognized today as the first for-profit, certified woman-owned and nurse-led, national healthcare accreditation organization. 

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Our Executive Team

Sandra C. Canally, RN

Sandra C. Canally, RN

Founder and CEO

Sandy is the principal architect and author of The Compliance Team’s accreditation programs, which are centered on her passionately held belief that every patient deserves exemplary care and that healthcare delivery excellence should not be difficult or costly to achieve. Sandy remains actively involved in the organization.

Richard J. Canally, Jr.

Richard J. Canally, Jr.

Senior Vice President

Richard (Rick), a former journalist, is responsible for The Compliance Team’s overall corporate messaging and marketing strategy. He also serves as The Compliance Team’s corporate Secretary and has served in nearly every administrative and operational capacity within the organization. 


Steve Simmerman

Steve Simmerman

Executive Vice President

Steve has served on the Executive Team of The Compliance Team since 2006. He has over 30 years of experience in multiple areas of the healthcare industry and functions as the chief operations officer.

Kate Hill, RN

Kate Hill, RN

VP Clinical Services

Kate joined The Compliance Team in early 2012 to direct our Rural Health Clinic accreditation program. She serves on the board of the Nat’l Association of Rural Health Clinics.

Lesa Merchant

Lesa Merchant

VP Field Operations

At The Compliance Team since 2007, Lesa manages field personnel and provides on-going personnel training. She oversees schedules and call assignments and hires and trains new field advisors.

Charles Lager, RPh, MBA

Charles Lager, RPh, MBA

Senior Pharmacy Advisor

Charlie has 30 years of home care experience and over 35 years of health care experience. He has worked at The Compliance Team since 2014.


As a continually expanding accreditation organization, The Compliance Team is always searching for dedicated and talented employees. If you are interested in joining The Compliance Team, email us.

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