Austin, TX 1st Public Health Dept. To Receive Immunization and Testing Quality Awards

April 2022, Spring House, Pennsylvania – The Compliance Team (TCT), a CMS-approved national healthcare accreditation organization, announced today that the Austin Public Health department of Austin, Texas has become the nation’s first health department recipient of the firm’s Exemplary Provider® Certification program for Immunization and Testing Services.

Sandra Canally, RN, The Compliance Team’s founder and CEO, observed while making the announcement that TCT’s certification programs embrace the ideal that “every patient deserves exemplary care.” She added that “there is no better example of this being an everyday practice than the Austin Public Health department’s immunization services and their unified approach to health equity. They are truly outstanding.”

The Austin Public Health Immunizations Program is the safety net provider for the uninsured. They offer adult and pediatric immunization services and have two clinic locations, Far South Austin clinic, 405 West Stassney Lane, Austin, 78745 and North Austin St. John clinic, 7500 Blessing Avenue, Austin, 78752.

Chris Crookham, APH’s Immunizations Program Manager, during a follow-up interview, explained that they wanted an independent assessment of their immunizations program to help them better plan for future events like the Covid-19 public health emergency. “We say we’re good, but I wanted a nationally recognized third-party to tell our community how exceptional we are. And now we are recognized as an Exemplary Provider by The Compliance Team,” he concluded.

TCT’s service-specific certification programs are intended to be utilized by local health departments (LHD), pharmacies, physician practices and clinics to ensure that their facilities meet comprehensive quality, safety, and efficiency standards covering CDC protocols, manufacturer’s guidelines, vaccine storage, infection control, needle safety, drug interaction as well as patient scheduling, history, and follow-up.  Comprehensive, yet simplified, operations-based protocols help empower employees to better deal with everyday workplace challenges.

For more information on The Compliance Team’s accreditation and certification programs, visit our website at: or call 215-999-6252.

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