Be an Exemplary Provider® with The Compliance Team!

The Compliance Team will recognize you as an Exemplary Provider® after you successfully complete one or more of our programs.

Go beyond ordinary.

We are the only accreditation organization that offers the Exemplary Provider® brand of accreditation and certification programs. All our programs INCLUDE the tools you need to move from ordinary to exemplary and establish you as a leader in your community.

In addition to a full suite of pharmacy programs, we offer Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home® (PCPH), our proprietary value-based care accreditation program that incorporates patient-centered practice guidelines. The standards for PCPH are built on our CMS-recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home program.

Community Pharmacy is the foundation of all our pharmacy accreditation programs. We bundle it with DMEPOS so you do not pay extra. If you are not accredited by The Compliance Team, you should be.

The Compliance Team offers incentives to DMEPOS providers that transition to or renew with us. Our simplified approach and product-line-specific standards, developed over 25 years ago, save you time and money without compromising quality.

Choose to be Exemplary with The Compliance Team. Contact Caitlin Warner for more information.​

More information is available on our Pharmacy and DMEPOS pages.

Be bold. Be exemplary. Choose TCT.

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