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Clinical Disease Management Certification™

Coordinated care of chronic disease.

The Compliance Team’s (TCT) Clinical Disease Management (CDM) Certification program is aligned with pharmacies and clinics embracing the value-based care model (VBC) and are moving from transaction-based practices to clinical-based services. Pharmacies that achieve CDM certification are acknowledged by TCT for their roles in helping patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. The program’s standards align with CMS’ Star Ratings guidelines, making your business a valuable asset within payer networks.

Under our CDM program, your pharmacy will establish measurable outcome goals for a defined group of patients and develop individualized action plans to achieve them. Tools and resources are identified to enable providers to continuously monitor patient health status, medication adherence, blood glucose and A1C levels for patients with diabetes, blood pressure for patients with hypertension, and blood cholesterol level for patients on statin medications. In addition, the CDM program incorporates patient self-management through diet and life-style modifications.

CDM can help improve patient outcomes via proactive medication management, coordination between the pharmacy and prescribing care team, and increased interaction between the pharmacy and patient.

CDM can either be a stand-alone certification or added as a module in our Community Pharmacy Accreditation program.


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