Communicable and EID Certification

Our Communicable and Emerging Infectious Disease (CEID) Certification program deals with preventing the spread of infection.

As a result of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, every healthcare organization had to be fluid in modifying their day-to-day practices to remain compliant with the ever-changing recommendations and requirements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These changes impacted federal, state, and local health departments; rural health clinics, physician practices, urgent care clinics, pharmacies, DMEPOS providers, etc.

Be prepared. Prevent the spread of infection.
Communicable and EID includes standards specific to the communicable and infectious diseases your facility treats (e.g., TB, RSV, STREP, COVID, MPOX) and addresses key areas of your business, including:

    • Ensuring a safe working environment.
    • Enhanced infection control and risk exposure.
    • Communicable and EID testing and management of equipment.
    • Communicable and EID adult and pediatric vaccination.
    • Proper medication, vaccine, and specimen storage and handling.
    • Community mitigation efforts.
    • Telehealth services.

As COVID, RSV, and influenza continue to drive cases across the country, the need for C/EID education and safety is crucial. TCT’s certification program is designed to help you rapidly develop and implement strategies to reduce vaccine hesitancy, increase patient confidence, and prevent the spread of communicable and infectious diseases.


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