​Using the Patient Centered Medical Home Model to Prevent and Mitigate COVID in Rural America

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The COVID Medical Home is our enhanced accreditation program that delivers an expanded and integrated approach to improve rural primary care delivery systems. By adapting our PCMH standards to integrate COVID and telemedicine outreach, engagement and education, TCT addresses the unique needs and vulnerabilities of rural patients and communities. The PCMH model, and its value-based care approach, serve as the foundation for the development and implementation of COVID-related education, prevention, testing, confidence, vaccine distribution and mitigation strategies.

COVID Medical Home Meets Federal Funding Requirements

The Compliance Team’s “COVID Medical Home” dovetails with each of the 2021 rural hospital and RHC federal grant programs and represents an unprecedented opportunity to use federal funding to underwrite the implementation of a durable, long-term operational model for your clinic that both addresses the immediate need for COVID mitigation and prevention, but that sets up your practice for future operational efficiency and value-based reimbursement opportunities.  With $860M in federal funding available to rural hospitals and clinics in 2021, the PCMH model can serve as the core infrastructure for the development and implementation of standardized and collaborative COVID-related education, prevention, testing, confidence, vaccine distribution and mitigation strategies.

HRSA Grants

Let Us Help You Build your Community’s COVID Medical Home
Using HRSA Grants.

For Hospital CEO/CFO and Practice Managers
COVID Medical Home supports all levels of your practice.

I’m a Hospital CEO/CFO – show me the benefits

  1. Mark your mental checklist. You can be confident and reassured in your primary care quality and service because PCMH clinics adhere to operational standards designed to achieve performance excellence.
  2. Fund your strategy. Primary care is always a cornerstone of a rural hospital’s mission. Let HRSA’s COVID Confidence, Mitigation and Prevention grants underwrite your primary care strategic goal to maximize alignment with your local rural service area
  3. Drive your market share. High-functioning primary care practices address chronic primary care delivery system challenges and build community loyalty to your organization
  4. Breath easy on COVID Best Practices. Let The Compliance Team experts monitor and spread best practices for education, outreach, treatment and follow-up care.
  5. Galvanize your Care Continuum. Expand care management capabilities in the clinics by following industry-leading standards required by surveyors
  6. Synchronize Primary Care with Inpatient Care. PCMHs facilitate holistic and integrated patient care delivery throughout the hospitalization process

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I’m a Practice Manager – show me the benefits

  1. Access a Single Point of Truth.  No longer search for COVID prevention and mitigation solutions, smart ideas or crisis interventions – The Compliance Team has that covered for you when you manage a COVID Medical Home
  2. Make your Practice a Home.  We entered healthcare to make a difference and the PCMH model helps practices prevent disease, manufacture wellness and reduce illness in our rural communities.
  3. Simplify your Practice Operations.  The PCMH model brings order and logic to how the clinic addresses COVID prevention and mitigation
    • Staff training to help your team engage your community
    • Community education to build confidence in your vaccination and treatment offerings
    • Vaccine administration to optimize, simplify and demystify access
    • Patient workflow to ensure the patient experience is positive
    • Recruitment of quality staff and providers who want to make a difference
  4. Make your life simpler.  Let the HRSA grants subsidize The Compliance Team to help you streamline processes, defragment workflows and bring back the joy of practicing medicine
  5. Help your community.  Integrate care management with COVID prevention and mitigation activities (hospital and clinic)
  6. Be a Leader.  The COVID Medical Home model provides the content, support and resources necessary to establish your practice and team as industry leaders that provide outstanding care and increased access to your rural community

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The Compliance Team was instrumental in implementing PCMH across our 11 clinics – the new COVID Medical Home will further illustrate to our communities that we are committed to the best patient care.

Kristen Ogden

Director OCH

Innovative Solutions. Simplified Process.

As one of the leading Rural Healthcare Accreditation Organizations, our team has 10+ years of experience working closely with rural healthcare providers to support both Rural Health Clinic Accreditation and PCMH. Providers recognize the personal level of support that we deliver, which is deeply rooted in our promise to you: Accreditation Simplified.

We immediately recognized this unprecedented opportunity to modernize and expand our PCMH standards to create COVID Medical Home. This is the type of innovation that sets The Compliance Team apart from other Accreditation Organizations. Our goal is to serve your needs, and the needs of the rural healthcare community, with programs that improve patient care and outcomes.

Our goal is to help rural providers improve access and quality through team-based care, population health activities and processes that address health equity and the real healthcare needs of the rural communities — not just tracking data.

Kate Hill

VP, Clinic Division