Jun 9, 2021

Covid-19 PCHM Standards

Media contact: Kate Hill, VP, Clinic Division, 215-654-9110

In response to federal funding for rural community public health needs, company adds new COVID education, mitigation and confidence components.

Spring House, Pennsylvania – The Compliance Team (TCT), a CMS approved accreditation organization, announced that they have once again pioneered rural healthcare performance improvement by expanding their Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) standards to integrate COVID outreach, engagement and education. The new “COVID Medical Home” module enables rural hospitals and rural health clinics to optimize their use of the recent $860 million federal funding for COVID prevention and mitigation.

With the new federal funding available to rural hospitals and clinics, the PCMH model is poised to serve as the core infrastructure for the development and implementation of COVID-related education, prevention, testing, confidence, vaccine distribution and mitigation strategies.

“Our organization recognized this unprecedented opportunity to modernize and expand our PCMH standards,” explained Kate Hill, VP, Clinic Division at TCT. “The addition of COVID Medical Home to our CMS recognized PCMH program seeks to build off this proven model to strengthen the primary care foundation and ensure that patients are able to get the quality of care necessary within their community. Our goal is to help rural providers improve access and quality through team-based care, population health activities and processes that address health equity and the real healthcare needs of the rural communities — not just tracking data.”

In addition to integrating a set of proprietary COVID-related standards, TCT has added a new set of rural telemedicine best practices to the PCMH model and redesigned the accreditation monitoring function to reduce staff time dedicated to data collection and reporting — so clinics can reallocate resources to focus on performance improvement.

The PCMH concept was originally introduced in 1967 by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a framework for engaging patients holistically, with multidisciplinary care teams that anticipate healthcare needs and excel at patient-centered chronic care management.

The Compliance Team is one of the nation’s leading rural PCMH accreditation organizations. “We have a deep understanding of healthcare providers in rural America and have been working closely with clinics across the country for over 10 years,” shared Hill. “Every PCMH accreditation project involves TCT experts who provide technical assistance and resources, and who are available at the human level to help clinicians, patients and communities — that’s what makes rural healthcare so different and such an essential factor in addressing the challenges we have faced with the COVID pandemic.”

For more information on The Compliance Team’s clinic programs, go to or call 215-654-9110.

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