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DMEPOS Retailer Certification


The Compliance Team’s DMEPOS Retailer Certification was developed for DMEPOS providers that are not billing Medicare.

“There is a potential gap in quality for retailers that are not billing Medicare and so are not required to attain CMS-approved DMEPOS accreditation.” explained Sandra Canally, RN, founder and CEO of The Compliance Team. “As one of the original CMS-approved DMEPOS accreditation organizations, we have seen a lack of oversight among providers that are serving patients via online web stores or that offer cash and carry services rather than bill Medicare. We believe these retailers should maintain a high level of standardized quality that is more than just an online review — especially for services that could be potentially detrimental to their patients.”

From the retailer perspective, the certification program helps standardize quality processes and services at your DMEPOS organization, ensuring safety for your customers. From the customer perspective, the certification enables them to make better choices when buying online or in your store. They see the Exemplary Provider® Certification logo on your website or in your store window and feel secure that your processes have been certified by a nationally recognized third party.

The program addresses operational flow of DMEPOS products:

  • Intake
  • Customer service
  • Delivery process
  • Education
  • Return policies
  • Follow-up

Safety – Honesty – Caring®
Follow-up is key in any healthcare organization, and particularly when equipment is involved. Not only do you want to ensure the safety and health of your customers, you want those customers to look to your business as their “go-to” for medical equipment needs. To help you do that, we give you access to our Patient Satisfaction Portal, which allows you to benchmark your services against other DME businesses.

Becoming an Exemplary Provider® starts here.

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