It’s time you’re recognized for being the exemplary pharmacy you are.

Strengthen your pharmacy’s operational performance and consistency with accreditation.

Accreditation not only verifies and validates your existing processes and services, it will identify areas that may be in need of improvement.The Compliance Team is the only accreditation organization that offers the Exemplary Provider® brand of accreditation and certification programs.

Operational excellence leads to clinical excellence. Choose to be an Exemplary Provider.

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We offer a full suite of pharmacy accreditation and certification programs:

  • Community Pharmacy plus Part B DMEPOS (included) accreditation
  • Non-sterile compounding Accreditation
  • Long-term Care Accreditation
  • Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation
  • Infusion/Sterile Compounding Accreditation
  • TelePharmacy Accreditation
  • Retail Clinic Accreditation
  • CMS-approved Home Infusion Therapy Accreditation
  • Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™ – our Value-based Care accreditation program
  • Clinical Disease Management Certification
  • POC Testing Certification
  • Immunization Certification

For more information, visit our pharmacy page.

Renewing DMEPOS? Visit our DMEPOS page.

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