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The Compliance Team is the only accreditation organization that offers the Exemplary Provider® brand of accreditation and certification programs. All our programs INCLUDE the tools you need to move from ordinary to exemplary and establish you as a leader in your community.

Operational excellence leads to clinical excellence.

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We offer a full suite of pharmacy accreditation and certification programs:

  • Community Pharmacy plus Part B DMEPOS (included) accreditation
  • Non-sterile compounding accreditation
  • Long-term Care accreditation
  • Specialty Pharmacy accreditation
  • Infusion/Sterile Compounding accreditation
  • TelePharmacy accreditation
  • Retail Clinic accreditation
  • CMS-approved Home Infusion Therapy accreditation
  • Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™ – our Value-based Care accreditation program
  • Clinical Disease Management certification
  • POC Testing certification
  • Immunization certification

For more information, visit our pharmacy page.

Renewing DMEPOS in 2023? Or 2024? Go to our DMEPOS page.

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