EID Certification

Emerging Infectious Disease Certification

Reduce Hesitancy. Increase Confidence. Decrease Spread.

As a result of the COVID-19 Public Health Pandemic, every federal, state and local Health Department, Rural Health Clinic, Physician Practice, Urgent Care, Pharmacy, DMEPOS provider and many others had to be fluid in changing their day-to-day practices to remain compliant. Moving forward, EID components will need to be included in everyone’s daily preparedness plan. The best way to address this ongoing challenge is with The Compliance Team’s Emerging Infectious Disease Certification.

The EID Certification moves beyond the traditional Emergency Preparedness Plans (EPP) that address things like tornados, hurricanes, and other natural events. As we progress forward, our attention is now focused on being prepared to handle the next global disease immergence.

The Compliance Team’s on-going EID Certification addresses key areas of your business, including:

  • Safe Working Environment/Infection Control/Risk Exposure
  • EID Testing and Management of Equipment
  • EID Vaccination for Adult and Pediatric Population
  • Vaccine Storage and Handling
  • Community Mitigation
  • TeleHealth Services

Sexual Health certification ensures your facility is implementing proper infection control procedures and patient counseling on sexual behavior to mitigate sexually transmitted diseases. The program also includes compliance with standards, education, and tools specific to HIV testing and treatment.

As COVID variants continue to drive cases across the country, the need for EID education and safety is crucial. Our provider-centric EID Certification is designed to help you rapidly develop and implement strategies to reduce hesitancy, increase confidence and decrease the spread of infectious diseases.

COVID Medical Home: Prevention & Mitigation for Rural America

​Looking to take your Patient Care to the next level? Our COVID Medical Home Accreditation includes EID and delivers an expanded and integrated approach to improve rural primary care delivery systems. Be Exemplary with COVID Medical Home.

Supporting and advocating for rural communities is at the heart of what we do at The Compliance Team. COVID Medical Home and the EID Certification ensure patient care and outcomes are elevated in your community.

Kate Hill

VP, Clinic Division

Becoming an Exemplary Provider® starts here.

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