Be recognized for being the Exemplary Provider® you are.

The Compliance Team is the only accreditation organization that offers the Exemplary Provider® brand of accreditation and certification programs. We have been transforming accreditation for 3 decades!

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The Compliance Team was the first accreditation organization to simplify the standards.

Our accreditation and certification standards are written in easy-to-understand, plain language, which makes required process changes easier to implement.

Our turn-key Exemplary Provider® programs are founded on the principles that every patient deserves exemplary care and that accreditation should not be difficult or costly to achieve when you focus on what matters most to patients, Safety-Honesty-Caring®.

98% of our clients are 100% satisfied with The Compliance Team’s on-site survey of their Exemplary Provider accreditation program (based on clients surveyed since 2011).

More information is available on our DMEPOS page.

Be bold. Be exemplary. Choose TCT.

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