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Strengthening Customer Value with Exemplary Care

For many years, The Compliance Team has focused on immunizations in various settings and within multiple program standards. To support local, state, and federal health departments (LHDs), The Compliance Team (TCT) offers its unique immunization certification and CLIA-waived testing certification programs that we introduced in 2020. These programs provide you with a roadmap for adherence to designated policies and care practices and include the necessary tools and processes for success.

Certification differs from accreditation in that, with certification we focus only on one service. For instance, with immunization certification, we only focus on your processes that relate to immunizations.

Operational Excellence Leads to Clinical Excellence

The Compliance Team’s Immunization Certification will validate and verify your facility’s immunization program for quality, safety and efficiency. The program enables you to meet CDC requirements as well as build trust in the safety and quality of your vaccine administration.

Point-of-Care Testing Certification provides testing facilities with the education and tools necessary to achieve certification for COVID-19 and other CLIA Waived tests (e.g. flu, strep, and HIV).

The benefits of immunization certification:

  • An independent, third-party validation of immunization and testing procedures and policies
  • Identification of gaps in service, which creates opportunities for improvement
  • Certification of equipment management, infection control, patient services and instruction, government regulations immunization services, and management of testing services
  • Standards flexibility to ensure your services meet the needs of your patient population

TCT standards are adapted to each LHD based on the services provided. Assessments of facility readiness ensure your LHD is well-positioned to respond to future public health needs, improve the quality of patient care, and increase patient satisfaction.

Health Departments that successfully complete a certification program are awarded Exemplary Provider® status. This designation sets you apart and informs your staff, leadership, and the public that you’ve met or exceeded the highest standards in Public Health Immunization and Testing.

Becoming an Exemplary Provider starts here.