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Health Department Clinical Services Accreditation

Improve quality, operational efficiencies, and clinical excellence. . . because every patient deserves exemplary care.


The Compliance Team (TCT), the only nurse-owned and nurse-led accreditation organization, recently announced its Health Department Clinical Services (HDCS) Accreditation program. HDCS is a practical, care-driven, patient-centered, cost-effective accreditation program that focuses on what matters most to the individual patient and the efficiency and quality of the clinical services offered at the local level (rather than the overall community).

Since 1994, The Compliance Team has strengthened healthcare facilities with our CMS-approved and award-winning accreditation and certification programs for pharmacies, DMEPOS businesses, and clinics. With the introduction of our new accreditation program, we apply our healthcare accreditation expertise to help improve health departments across the nation. Health Department Clinical Services Accreditation is a more robust and comprehensive version of TCT’s certification programs that were announced in 2022. (See “Our Certification Programs” below)

Day-to-day operational excellence is addressed by meeting both Universal Standards, which are applicable to most healthcare organizations, and Specialty Standards, which are specific to each clinical area. Accreditation can be accomplished within as little as three months once the process begins.

Learn more about improving patient services and clinical operations. Download our Health Department Clinical Services Accreditation PDF.

Learn about the importance of having your local HD’s policies, procedures, and processes verified and validated by a third-party AO. Watch the Benefits of Health Department Clinical Services Accreditation webinar.

Our plain-language standards are comprehensive, simplified, and easy to understand and implement.
You will be assigned a one-on-one advisor who will walk you through the program. We include tools and resources to help you succeed. Where we are able, we adapt the standards to your business model rather than the other way around. All these benefits save you time and money.

Operational Excellence Leads to Clinical Excellence
Focusing on continuous quality improvement for patients and staff keeps safety and effectiveness top of mind. Trust is instilled. Competencies enhanced. Retention improved. Our health department accreditation program is designed to:

  • Verify, validate, and ensure consistency of your facility’s policies, procedures, documentation, and services
  • Build and strengthen staff competencies
  • Create an environment of operational excellence
  • Improve communication/coordination across departments
  • Ensure quality of care
  • Support your facility’s readiness to meet public health emergencies and preparedness planning
  • Provide evidence of compliance, to assure your patient population and local leadership and government officials that you meet or exceed safety and quality standards

Our Certification Programs
Certification differs from accreditation in that, with certification we focus only on one service. Accreditation addresses services throughout the entire facility. The following certifications are available for health departments:

Health Departments that successfully complete an accreditation or certification program are awarded Exemplary Provider® status – accreditation is for three years and certification is for two years. This designation sets you apart from other healthcare operations and informs your staff, leadership, and the public that you’ve met or exceeded the highest standards of healthcare.

Be exemplary.  Choose TCT for your health department accreditation and/or certification.

TCT is NACCHO Gold Sponsor

Becoming an Exemplary Provider® starts here.

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