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Long-Term Care Pharmacy Accreditation

Wherever the patient calls home.™

As a CMS approved accreditation organization celebrating its 30th year in business, The Compliance Team’s (TCT) leadership and expertise in the LTC Pharmacy industry has been at the forefront in accrediting LTC Pharmacies through our Exemplary Provider® LTC Pharmacy Accreditation program.

Our LTC Pharmacy Accreditation program is a pathway to operational efficiency and excellence — helping to ensure your operations and services meet and/or exceed industry quality standards of care for your patients shifting between home, community, facility, and hospital — wherever the patient calls home.

Discover, create, and drive new opportunities.

Our comprehensive LTC Pharmacy Accreditation program includes our simplified, plain-language standards, which can be tailored to your existing business model, one-on-one support from our knowledgeable LTC advisors, and the tools and resources to address challenges and create new opportunities. Through accreditation, we will help you discover and drive new ways to:

    • Instill consistency of services, processes, and quality.
    • Identify areas in need of improvement.
    • Focus your staff on continuous quality improvements for patient safety, outcomes, and satisfaction.
    • Streamline your operations for increased adherence and efficiency.
    • Create patient, referral, current and potential contracts, and payer confidence.

Provide the highest level of healthcare delivery.
Wherever the patient calls home.™

We understand the complex nature of LTC pharmacies and the challenges you face today as you adapt to meet the needs of an aging population and rapid expansion of additional services, while maintaining high-quality and complying with regulatory requirements.

Our LTC Pharmacy Accreditation program allows you to create an environment that can evolve and adapt as the industry continues to change, while maintaining the highest level of healthcare delivery — wherever the patient calls home.

For more information on our unique LTC Pharmacy accreditation process, standards, and the benefits of working with The Compliance Team, click here. Or call us at 215-654-9110 to learn more.

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