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Jun 2, 2021

Up Close with Christy Stewart, Director of TCT’s Clinic Division

Professional Insights: I like to work with people in rural areas much better than in larger cities.

What do you like about working in rural? The friendly, hardworking, and honest people. My parents were both raised and worked on farms in rural Missouri, so I really to identify with the mission and spirit of RHC providers.

Personal insights:

  • Family has instilled a strong work ethic.
  • Dedication to family, friends, and work.
  • Christian upbringing

Things that make you smile:

  • My family
  • Friends that I have made through the years
  • My pets – they provide such unconditional joy
  • Traveling – a little adventure is a good thing
  • The mountains – breath taking views and untouched land. Just amazing.

One thing that really frustrates you or “drives you crazy”? The feeling that I cannot get everything done. This can be a recurring theme at times!

Most interesting and useless fact you’ve heard about anything? Frogs have teeth, but toads do not. Odd for sure.

Goofy and guilty pleasure of yours? Anything ice cream or candy, Milk Duds, Hot Tamales, M&M’s, the list goes on and on. Sweets and sugar are my kryptonite.

Future aspiration? Stay healthy, happy, and productive – and more travel please.

Favorite quote? Why? Here is one I used today: Busier than a Cranberry Merchant at Christmas” – pretty much sums it up this year.

Favorite food?  A really good hamburger – tastes great off the grill.

Favorite book? WWII history books and true crimes. It’s fascinating (and appalling) to me how terrible people can be to other people.

Favorite movie? Any movie Clint Eastwood stars in or directs. He’s handsome and anything he directs is researched and well done. “Go ahead and make my day!”

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