Nov 10, 2020

Nine Compelling Reasons to Become a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

The Compliance Team is all about providing Innovative Solutions and a Simplified Process. When it comes to Patient-Centered Medical Home, our team consistently and competently works with you to enhance and grow your business.

While we have outlined nine reasons to become a PCMH provider, there is only ONE accreditation organization that delivers a provider-centric experience that truly focuses on YOU.


  1. Patient Engagement
    • Patients empowered and utilize fewer staff resources
    • Support for chronic disease
    • 24/7 patient access to care and health information
  2. Improved Outcomes
    • “A care coordination patient, who is a diabetic and had an A1C over 11. She worked with me and Kathleen (Dietician). She now has lost over 30 pounds, decreased her meds, and her A1C is 6.7 in just 12 months of work! The patient is still in the program, and tells us all the time, that we are the reason she has been able to regain her health.” ~ Testimonial
  3. Decreased Emergency Department Use
    • High-risk patients benefit, as pro-active coordination and follow-up communication by the Care Team saves them (and their caregivers) both time and money.
  4. Increase in Revenue
    • PCMH Accreditation results in higher reimbursement from some payers.
  5. Decrease in Hospital Readmissions
    • Providers report satisfaction by keeping their most vulnerable patients out of the hospital.
    • 51% of prescriptions written last year were either not filled or used incorrectly.
    • A follow-up call within 24 hours of hospital discharge is essential to decreasing readmissions.
  6. Increase in Market Share
    • Be the providers of choice in your neighborhood.
  7. Increase in Staff Satisfaction
    • Staff members report greater happiness when focusing on “what matters most” to the patient.
    • Care Coordinators feel pride in collaborating with healthcare providers and community resources.
    • Care Team members function at their highest level, “to the top of their license or certificate.”
  8. Increase in Patient Satisfaction.  Patients report:
    • 24/7 access to care and health information
    • Timely or same day appointments
    • Patients feel like we care about them
    • Increased education on health matters
    • Feeling empowered
    • Getting help when they need it
    • Receiving more attention
  9. It’s the Right Thing to Do
    • It’s why we went into this work
    • It is different from a traditional PCP, being more patient and provider-friendly.
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