Our Healthcare Accreditation and Certification Programs


Self-reliant providers, large and small, urban and rural based, appreciate our Exemplary Provider® healthcare accreditation and certification programs because they are uniquely structured to dramatically simplify the accreditation process. Each program is customized to a provider’s needs while featuring: mentoring and policy templates; self-assessment checklists; corporate compliance/anti-fraud plans; and electronic outcomes benchmarking. It all adds up to an unrivaled accreditation/certification value that protects patients and providers as well as the public and third-party payors.

Using plain language, The Compliance Team’s accreditation and certification standards are organized in a simplified, logical format that makes the process easier and more cost effective for the provider or business.

Our accreditation and certification standards are simplified, logical, and easy-to-understand.

Our  standards are broken down into logical sections. Universal standards apply across all programs. (These include items such as corporate compliance, administration, and human resources.) Each program section has a set of standards that are unique to that group. The specialty standards relate to specific products and services offered by the provider. The sub-specialty standards are exclusive to that sub-specialty section.

DMEPOS Accreditation
(Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies)

Clinical Respiratory
Complex Rehab Technology
Orthotics and Prosthetics
Patient-Centered Respiratory Home

Pharmacy Accreditation

Community Pharmacy
Medicare Approved DMEPOS Part B
Sterile Compounding
Non-Sterile Compounding
Long-Term Care
Specialty Drugs
Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home
Retail Clinic

Rural Health Clinic Accreditation

Patient Centered Medical Home Accreditation

Other Accreditation Programs

Immediate Care Clinic
Private Duty
Sleep Care Management

Certification Programs


Patient Satisfaction Portal

The Compliance Team’s PQM Patient Satisfaction service is available to all Medicare and non-Medicare provider organizations and is included as a value-added service to all Exemplary Providers.



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