Certification Programs

For pharmacies, clinics, local health departments, and DMEs.

The Compliance Team’s certification programs validate your facility and clarify for you and for your staff the processes for each program, especially if you are not currently providing that service and wish to add it to your service offerings. We currently offer certifications for:

Since each certification program is a stand-alone program, you may sign up for one program or a combination of programs. And you need not be accredited by us for any other service to take advantage of our certification programs. However, if you are currently accredited by us, you will be ahead of the game in that the standards for each program are based on our simplified, yet comprehensive, accreditation standards.

Upon completion of the program, you will be sent a certification program award and other marketing materials that you can use to show off your Exemplary Provider status. Each certification is valid for two years.

Safety-Honesty-Caring® is, and always has been, at the heart of The Compliance Team’s simplified standards for our accreditation programs and for our certification programs. However, due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, we have seen safety become even more important to patient trust, loyalty, and overall satisfaction. Our Exemplary Provider® Quality Certification Awards assure your patients that you put their safety first.

The Compliance Team Quality Award
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