Immunization Certification, Including COVID-19

For all pharmacies, health departments, physician practices, clinics, and immediate care clinics with an immunization program.  

It is not enough for your clinicians to be certified for immunizations. You want your entire immunization program to be certified. The Compliance Team’s Immunization Certification Program will validate and verify your facility’s immunization program, as a whole, for quality, safety and efficiency. The program enables you and your network administrator to meet CDC requirements as well as build trust in the safety and quality of your vaccine administration.

In these COVID-19 times, your employees must be ready to handle the changes in your workplace concerning: vaccine storage, infection control, and patient history and follow-up, including COVID-19 immunizations. These issues and much more are covered in The Compliance Team’s Immunization Certification program.

Our program covers:

    • proper patient intake.
    • proper administration.
    • safe vaccine storage and handling.
    • safe sharps handling and disposal.
    • infection control.
    • special populations (i.e. pregnant, immunosuppressed, pediatrics, etc.).
    • awareness of anaphylaxis/adverse events after vaccination (VAERS).
    • communication with registries.
    • communication about appointments for subsequent doses.

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Once you have successfully completed the Immunization Certification program, you will receive acknowledgement that you are an Exemplary Provider®.

Certification differs from accreditation in that, with certification we focus only on one service. You need not be accredited with The Compliance Team for any other service, Immunization Certification is a stand-alone program and is valid for two years.


Exemplary Provider Immunization Certificate Seal

Becoming an Exemplary Provider® starts here.

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