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If you are not accredited by The Compliance Team, you should be.

The Compliance Team (TCT) is deemed by CMS to accredit all DMEPOS (Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies) products and services. Our comprehensive standards meet and exceed CMS quality standards. We are the only accreditation organization that will give you Exemplary Provider®-accredited status once you successfully complete our program.

Renewing DMEPOS?

The Compliance Team offers incentives to DMEPOS providers that renew and/or transition to us. Our simplified approach and product-line specific standards, developed over 25 years ago, save you time and money without compromising quality. Our CMS-approved Exemplary Provider® DMEPOS program includes all the tools you need to achieve accreditation. Choose to be Exemplary with The Compliance Team. Contact Caitlin Warner for more information.

Why do so many DMEPOS providers choose The Compliance Team?

Our accreditation programs are inclusive and turn-key.

    • We save you time and money. Our comprehensive, yet simplified, accreditation standards are written in easy-to-understand plain language and can be tailored to your business model. There is no need to hire an outside consultant, saving you time and money.
    • We include tools to help you succeed. Live and recorded educational webinars, templates, and self-assessment checklists are some of the tools that help you attain and retain accreditation and save you time and money.
    • We assign you a dedicated accreditation call advisor. Our expert advisors are trained to walk you through the accreditation process and respond quickly to your questions.
    • We guide you with live, expert-led, educational preparation phone calls. Once you sign an agreement with us, your call advisor will contact you to start the accreditation process.
    • We include access to our Patient Quality Measurement (PQM) Satisfaction Portal at NO extra charge. PQM offers various types of patient satisfaction surveys, which you can use to benchmark your patient care services against the national database.
    • We offer a flexible payment plan. We make paying for accreditation easier on you by spacing your payments over a three-year period at no additional charge to you.

Sub-Specialty Programs

Complex Rehabilitation Technology Accreditation
Complex Rehab Technology DMEPOS sub-specialty designation recognizes providers meeting CMS and The Compliance Team quality standards related to the unique medical equipment needs of patients that require the use of specialized complex rehab wheelchairs and accessories.

Orthotics and Prosthetics Accreditation
Orthotics and Prosthetics DMEPOS sub-specialty designation recognizes providers meeting CMS and The Compliance Team quality standards related to the provision of custom and/or prefabricated braces, breast prosthetics, custom-made orthotics, prosthetic devices, somatic prosthetics, and therapeutic shoes and inserts.

Clinical Respiratory Services Accreditation
Clinical Respiratory DMEPOS sub-specialty designation recognizes providers meeting the CMS and The Compliance Team quality standards relating to the provision of high-end respiratory products (e.g. respiratory assist devices and ventilators.)

Patient-Centered Respiratory Home™ (PCRH™) Accreditation
PCRH DMEPOS sub-specialty designation is designed to help respiratory care professionals perform at the top of their licenses and guide clinical respiratory providers to more effectively engage with their chronic care patients. Better patient outcomes are driven through additional care planning and focused follow-up visits with program goals to address poor respiratory care management, decrease emergency department visits, and lower the number of hospital readmissions.

A stand-alone quality assurance program, this designation recognizes DMEPOS providers that are not billing Medicare to provide oversight and ensure they are maintaining the same level of quality as their Medicare-billing counterparts. For customers, it validates that your organization has been certified by a reliable third party, so they can choose their medical equipment and supplies provider wisely, and make decisions based on trust, value, and quality. For more details, visit our DME Retailer Certification page.

Choose TCT for your DMEPOS renewal. Incentives to renew or transition.

Becoming an Exemplary Provider® starts here.

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