Real-time Remote™

Real-time Remote™ (RtR) is The Compliance Team’s virtual accreditation and re-accreditation survey process that we are utilizing during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. We designed this process  so that we can  safely and more effectively accredit new and existing providers. RtR is currently being used for Rural Health Clinic accreditation, DMEPOS surveys, and our Certification Programs.

The Compliance Team is committed to ensuring that your business is surveyed in a timely manner, in a way that provides the least amount of disruption to your daily activities, and in a way that helps keep your staff and patients safe and healthy.

Our Real-time Remote process involves many of the same protocols used under pre-COVID-19 conditions, such as checklists, webinars, and one-on-one phone calls. Where the virtual process differs from an in-person on-site visit is during the actual review process. The Compliance Team’s Real-time Remote process utilizes specialized virtual software and phone applications to review your records, policies, procedures and physical environment.

Given the diverse nature of The Compliance Team’s accreditation clients, an expert Compliance Team Accreditation Advisor will spell out the protocols that need to be followed for the differing types of healthcare services being offered.

Note:  Per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, all Real-time Remote virtual accreditation surveys conducted during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency must be followed by an in-person on-site evaluation. The on-site evaluation must take place within 90-days for all new, previously unaccredited DMEPOS providers and within one calendar year for previously accredited providers undergoing re-accreditation.   

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