Ocularist technician polishing a prosthetic eye

Other Accreditation Programs

The Compliance Team offers accreditation programs that do not fit into any of the other categories. They are Private Duty, Ocularist/Anaplastologist, and Sleep Care Management, Immediate Care.

The Compliance Team’s simplified, yet comprehensive, Exemplary Provider standards are founded on what matters most to the patient – Safety-Honesty-Caring®.

Immediate Care Clinic
Whether your retail clinic is a free standing facility, a hospital-based, non-emergency care unit, a travel clinic, or a clinic within a pharmacy or big box store, every patient who enters without an appointment deserves exemplary care. The Compliance Team’s quality recognition accreditation protocols are custom-fitted to the type of services offered, whether they are provided entirely by the facility’s staff, an outside source, or a collaborative effort.

Private Duty Accreditation
More and more private duty companies are realizing the marketing value of accreditation and the competitive edge it gives them. The Compliance Team’s Exemplary Provider® accreditation program for Private Duty Home Care is uniquely structured to improve staff performance and the total patient care experience. Private Duty Accreditation does not meet CMS HHA CoPs.

Ocularist/Anaplastologist Accreditation
Our Exemplary Provider accreditation programs for these two specialty organizations are designed to improve performance and patient care at all operational levels. Our industry-leading Standards and Evidence of Compliance for Ocularist and Anaplastologist are operations- driven and written in easy to understand terms, with special attention being paid to the skills required of ocularists utilizing the modified impression method as it applies to coloring, final polishing and fit.

Becoming an Exemplary Provider® starts here.

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