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Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

PCMH Accreditation is a measured continuous quality improvement program that incorporates patient-centered practice guidelines. Patient-centered programs and value-based care are advanced by the Institute of Medicine and the nation’s leading primary care physician societies. The Compliance Team’s plain-language Safety-Honesty-Caring Quality® standards focus on day-to-day practice operations. Special emphasis is given to health maintenance, preventative screening, multi-specialty medical services, patient experience reporting, and bench-marking.

Why become a PCMH?

  • Expanding on traditional primary care practice norms, PCMH practices use a team-based care model to meet the diverse needs of their patient populations. This proves to be simultaneously more patient and provider friendly.
  • Under PCMH, patients receive increased access to the primary care providers they know and trust, plus better coordination with the necessary resources within their community.
  • Patients are asked what matters most to them, engaging them in their treatment care and helping them to self-manage their symptoms. The result is a reduction in staff resources.
  • Staff members report greater levels of job satisfaction when focusing on what matters most to the patient and by pro-actively meeting their patients’ needs.
  • High-risk patients benefit from PCMH pro-active coordination and follow-up communication by their Care Team. Having their ongoing needs addressed, prevents trips to the hospital and saves them (and their families) both time and money and reduces unscheduled health emergencies.
  • Providers report deep satisfaction by keeping their most vulnerable patients out of the hospital and maintaining their highest level of independence.
  • Care Teams work smarter, not harder by developing customized patient-centered health improvement plans for high-risk patients, using electronic health technology effectively and by communicating patient updates through huddles/communication boards. Everyone functions at the top of their licenses.
  • PCMH meets MIPS guidelines for CMS reimbursement and can result in increased payments from CMS and other payors.


PCMH for Chiropractors

In May 2019, The Compliance Team announced its new program, Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) for Chiropractors. First Chiropractic Centers, with multiple locations in South Dakota and Nebraska, became the first accredited PCMH for Chiropractors. PCMH for Chiropractors offers all the benefits of the standard PCMH model, but with new key standards that apply exclusively to a chiropractic office.

Becoming an Exemplary Provider® starts here.

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