Pharmacy Accreditation

Pharmacy Accreditation and Certification


Empowering pharmacies to grow their business and meet changing patient needs.

Celebrating our 30th year, The Compliance Team (TCT) is a CMS approved, nationally recognized healthcare accreditation organization offering a full suite of Exemplary Provider®️ Pharmacy Accreditation and Certification programs. Our accreditation programs, leadership, and expertise in the pharmacy industry, has helped our providers achieve best-of-care practices for more than 15 years.

Build a strong pharmacy infrastructure that can grow and adapt to an evolving industry and your patient’s needs.

As the role of the pharmacists continues to evolve and expand from a transactional based model to a more clinical based model, our programs can help your existing business adapt to new opportunities and challenges and focus your pharmacy on continuous quality improvements.

Our accreditation and certification programs, will help you discover and drive new ways to:

    • Identify areas for process and quality improvement.
    • Instill consistent pharmacy wide services, processes, and quality.
    • Improve emergency preparedness and responsiveness to communicable and emerging infectious diseases.
    • Streamline your operations for increased adherence and better patient outcomes.

All our comprehensive pharmacy accreditation and certification programs include:

    • Simplified, plain-language standards, tailored to your existing business model, making it easier and faster to implement necessary process changes pharmacy wide.
    • One-on-one support from our knowledgeable pharmacy advisors.
    • Access to TCT’s provider-only educational web portal, complete with tools, templates, checklists, standards lists, and webinars that will help you prepare for accreditation/certification and continue to support your quality improvement efforts.
    • Access to our proprietary patient satisfaction survey portal where you can benchmark your performance against thousands of other providers like you.

After successful completion of one or more of our programs, we designate you as an Exemplary Provider® — assuring customers, patients, physicians and other health care clinicians, payers, and employees — that your pharmacy has met and/or exceeded the highest quality healthcare delivery standards and operational standards.

Our suite of Pharmacy Accreditation and Certification Programs

From niche to national and everything in between.
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Ambulatory Infusion Suite

As an outpatient infusion center that is a stand-alone facility or an outpatient center or clinic associated with a hospital, accreditation elevates patient-safety throughout your facility.

AIC Accreditation designates that your facility has been validated by an independent third-party accreditation organization. TCT recognizes your quality of services with the Exemplary Provider® distinction.

Community Pharmacy with DMEPOS*

Community Pharmacy Accreditation is the foundation of all our pharmacy accreditation programs and includes accreditation for Medicare DMEPOS Part B at, no additional cost. The inclusion of our CMS approved, DMEPOS Accreditation streamlines two accreditations into one and allows you to expand your services and meet additional patient needs.


Our Non-Sterile & Infusion/Sterile Compounding Accreditation programs include standards and tools that support the management of a complex pharmacy environment.  Centered on medication quality, patient safety, and compliance with USP 795.

Home Infusion Therapy (HIT)*

Our CMS-approved Exemplary Provider® Home Infusion Therapy Accreditation program meets and/or exceeds all CMS requirements. more >

Long-Term Care

Our LTC Pharmacy Accreditation program is a pathway to operational efficiency and excellence— helping to ensure your operations and services meet and/or exceed industry quality standards of care for your patients shifting between home, community, facility, and hospital – wherever the patient calls home.™. more >

Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™

PCPH is an award-winning, value-based care program exclusive to The Compliance Team. We recognize the expanding roles of pharmacists as key members of clinical patient care teams. As a PCPH provider, you will follow the five key principles of Patient-Centered Medical Home, which our PCPH program is based. more >

Retail Clinic

“Walk-in” and “on-demand” clinics are among healthcare’s fastest growing sectors. They play an increasingly important role in handling patients with non-urgent medical needs. Clinical performance and administrative efficiencies are measured against The Compliance Team’s quality standards.

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation is designed for pharmacies that serve patients with complex and/or chronic diseases. Our standards validate your medication management quality and ensure coordination of care for patient services with other healthcare professionals and entities.


TelePharmacy requirements are guided by state regulations, therefore, policies vary from state to state. TelePharmacy Accreditation quality standards provide the foundation for the pharmacy to meet state laws with a continued focus on patient care and best practices.


Clinical Disease Management

CDM Certification validates your role in providing high-quality care to patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. The CDM program includes standards that can help pharmacies better align with CMS’ Star Ratings requirements within their preferred pharmacy networks. more >

Communicable & Emerging Infectious Disease

Post COVID-19, healthcare providers are acutely aware of the increased need for a preparedness plan. Our Communicable EID program deals with preventing the spread of infection and being prepared for the emergence of the next pandemic. more >


We verify and validate your entire immunization program, enabling you to meet and/or exceed CDC requirements as well as build trust in the safety and quality of your vaccine administration. more >

Point-of-Care Testing

POC Certification assures your customers, patients, payers, and employees your testing quality has been validated by a nationally recognized, third party. Our standards, based on state regulations and manufacturer guidelines, include validation of your Collection and Transfer process and reference laboratory collaboration. more >

* CMS approved

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