Pharmacy Accreditation

Community Pharmacy Accreditation. Simplified.

Our accreditation standards are written in easy-to-understand plain language. There is no need to hire an outside consultant. Additionally, our comprehensive, yet simplified standards can be tailored to your business model. All this saves you time and money.

Community Pharmacy is the building block for all our extended pharmacy accreditation designations. It provides your pharmacy a path to an accreditation that is comprehensive, simplified and meets the needs of your business model.


Our Pharmacy Suite of Programs begins with Community Pharmacy

Community Pharmacy Accreditation
Community Pharmacy Accreditation is the starting point for our pharmacy programs. Community Pharmacy also includes our Exemplary Provider® accreditation for Medicare DMEPOS. This inclusion of our Medicare-approved DMEPOS accreditation allows you to fully manage your patients’ needs and disease states, while providing you with additional revenue opportunity.

All our Exemplary Provider accreditation programs include: an assigned accreditation advisor and access to The Compliance Team’s provider-only website, complete with tools, templates, checklists, standards lists and accreditation webinars that will assist you in preparing for your accreditation.

Medicare Approved DMEPOS Accreditation, included with Community Pharmacy Accreditation
Medicare Approved DMEPOS Accreditation is required of all pharmacies that offer DMEPOS products or services. The Compliance Team’s DMEPOS program meets and/or exceeds the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) quality standards. More on DMEPOS Accreditation

Non-Sterile Compounding Accreditation, a sub-specialty of Community Pharmacy Accreditation
Non-Sterile Compounding Accreditation is a sub-specialty of Community Pharmacy Accreditation and addresses processes and standards for medication quality and consistency.

Long-Term Care Accreditation, a sub-specialty of Community Pharmacy Accreditation
Long-Term Care Accreditation provides third party validation of your processes and patient outcomes.  Demonstrated commitment to quality and safety can be supported by The Exemplary Provider benchmarking reporting, allowing the pharmacy to present clear data in contract negotiations and referral sources.

Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation, a sub-specialty of Community Pharmacy Accreditation
Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation is a program designed for pharmacies that serve patients with complex and/or chronic diseases. As a Specialty Pharmacy, you will be working with quality standards that support consistent practices and attention to patient outcomes.

Infusion/ Sterile Compounding Accreditation, a sub-specialty of Community Pharmacy Accreditation
Our Infusion/Sterile Compounding Program includes standards and tools that support the management of a complex Rx environment. Centered on patient safety, the infusion/sterile tract guides the provider to create organizational actions that can be replicated and validated.

TelePharmacy Accreditation, a sub-specialty of Community Pharmacy Accreditation
TelePharmacy began in 2004 in North Dakota to help pharmacies in remote areas of the country provide access to Rx services for communities with limited resources and staff. TelePharmacy requirements are guided by state regulation, so policies will vary from state to state. Quality Standards provide the foundation for the pharmacy to meet state laws with a continued focus on patient care and best practices. More on TelePharmacy.

Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home (PCPH) Accreditation, a sub-specialty of Community Pharmacy Accreditation
Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home Accreditation is the award-winning program exclusive to The Compliance Team.  The expanding roles of pharmacists across the country makes them a key member of the clinical team for many patients. As a PCPH provider, the pharmacy will incorporate coordination of care, validate consistent practices in medication management, and promote stronger communication within the healthcare team. More on PCPH.

Retail Clinic Accreditation, a sub-specialty of Community Pharmacy Accreditation
The retail or “walk-in” clinic is one of healthcare’s fastest growing sectors. These “on-demand” clinics will play an increasingly important role in handling patients with non-urgent medical needs. Retail clinics can range in scope from a small in-store corner cubicle to a stand-alone fully equipped facility. Clinical performance as well as administrative efficiencies are measured against The Compliance Team’s quality standards. Retail clinics will have an immediate positive impact on the public. More and more, patients with non-urgent medical needs have more convenient treatment options. Our bet is that they are going to choose a clinic that is certified as offering exemplary care.

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