Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™


The Compliance Team started accrediting specialty pharmacies in 2006. Since then, the specialty drug sector has evolved to incorporate key principles that guide today’s value-based care era, with emphasis on quality and positive outcomes.  In June of 2018, The Compliance Team launched its Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home (PCPH) accreditation designation to specifically focus on advanced pharmacy practices. 

The Compliance Team’s Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home standards are based on our CMS – recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) accreditation standards. The program’s emphasis is on improved patient medication management and care planning through better coordination between pharmacists and prescribing professionals.

Sandra Canally (Sandy), founder and CEO of The Compliance Team explains, “The typical patient with chronic disease is, by definition, at high risk and in need of increased communication as well as better medication management to improve adherence. These enhancements ultimately help reduce ER visits and hospital readmissions and lessen prescriber work-loads.”

Patients visit their pharmacists much more frequently than they do their providers, making pharmacists critical to effective and safe patient care.  Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home allows the pharmacist to work at the top of their license and be part of the patient’s care team in a value-based care model. 

Kinney Drugs, a 114-year old, employee-owned drug store chain in Gouverneur, New York and a long-standing accredited member of The Compliance Team’s “League” of Exemplary Providers was the first to receive the Patient-Centered Medical Home designation. Sandy expressed appreciation of Kinney’s level of commitment to quality stating that “their intense commitment to our Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home program underscores the dedication to their community and patients.”

Patient-Centered Medical Home is a sub-specialty of our Pharmacy Services accreditation program.

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