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Comprehensive Standards to Improve Patient Outcomes.

The Compliance Team has been doing ambulatory infusion accreditation since the early 2000’s. Today, TCT accredits many models of infusion accreditation including a specifically designed Physician Practice Infusion Suite Accreditation to support providers who are dispensing or administering medications in their office practices or clinic settings. Our Physician Practice Infusion Suite Accreditation includes standards that are comprehensive but designed to simplify the process.

The program is dedicated to physician care-planning, which includes professionally administered medications via infusion, specialty injectables, or oral. These therapies and diagnostics require acute, as-well-as long-term chronic oversight.

Adherence, Verification & Comprehensive Quality Standards
Site of care accreditation for Physician Practice Infusion Suites optimizes and documents that your quality has been verified and validated based on comprehensive quality standards from TCT. The accreditation can show a health plan, medical or hospital group, distribution chain or any other organization requesting accreditation that the infusion arm of your practice is exemplary.

Our program ensures oversight and adherence with a valid prescriber order, proper drug storage and handling, drug administration, medication management, infection control, medication error, adverse reactions/incidents, and on-going clinical monitoring related to the patient’s treatment and outcome, to name a few. In certain structures, the accreditation will evaluate on USP 795, USP 797 and USP 800 as applicable; however, some infusion suites rely on business relationships with pharmacies and pharmacists to subcontract scope of work pieces.

A Complete Suite of Accreditation for All Providers
In addition, TCT has and can successively accredit the clinic portion of Physician Practices, Rural Health Clinics (CMS Approved), Immediate Care Clinics, and clinics for Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH – CMS Recognized). Our Pharmacy accreditation program hosts a full suite of standards including Community, Long-Term Care, Sterile/Non-Sterile, Specialty/Infusion, TelePharmacy, Home Infusion Therapy (HIT – CMS Approved), and Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home (PCPH). We additionally have CMS approval for DMEPOS. Lastly TCT has Certification programs for Point of Care Testing and Immunizations (Adult and Pediatric) to include COVID-19.

Simplified Approach to Save You Time and Money
Our streamlined approach to Physician Practice Infusion Suite Accreditation is simplified to reduce the burden on you and your staff, but we never compromise the quality of our standards. It is TCT’s approach that truly sets us ahead of other AO’s. A dedicated full-time call advisor works in tandem with the provider practice to support them with education during application process. TCT provides additional tools and resources including templates, self-assessment checklists, and webinars. This is all designed to save you both time and money.

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