Rural Health Clinic Accreditation

Rural Health Clinic Temporary Expansion Waiver

CMS is waiving the requirements at 42 CFR §491.5(a)(3)(iii) which require RHCs and FQHCs be independently considered for Medicare approval if services are furnished in more than one permanent location. Due to the current PHE, CMS is temporarily waiving this requirement removing the location restrictions to allow flexibility for existing RHCs/ FQHCs to expand services locations to meet the needs of Medicare beneficiaries. This flexibility includes areas which may be outside of the location requirements 42 CFR §491.5(a)(1) and (2) but will end when the HHS Secretary determines there is no longer a PHE due to COVID-19.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved The Compliance Team to accredit Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) and to recommend them for certification.

The Compliance Team takes great pride in supporting RHC initiatives through our partnership with the National Rural Healthcare Association and as a corporate member of the National Association for Rural Health Clinics. Accreditation validates your quality and identifies areas in need of improvement that you have not identified yourself.

RHC Accreditation

Rural Health Clinic Accreditation is still relatively new, because, in recent years, RHCs have been relegated to the state’s Tier 4 survey schedule, resulting in clinics reaching out to accreditors for a more timely survey. The Compliance Team’s Exemplary Provider program is education-based. We walk you through our CMS-approved quality standards, step-by-step, so you know what the requirements are and what you need to do to meet RHC Accreditation. Accreditation keeps you at the top of your game and teaches you ways to stay in compliance so that you can be fully compliant 100% of the time.

As always, The Compliance Team’s simplified, yet comprehensive, Exemplary Provider RHC Accreditation standards are founded on what matters most to the patient, Safety-Honesty-Caring®.

“Living in such a rural area, and not having a network of providers to share information with, we were really worried about going through the accreditation process. The Compliance Team provided straightforward instructions, and easy access to telephone or online support. The on-site survey was organized, and the surveyors were helpful and knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend them!” – Glenda Close CRT, RCP, Hansford County Hospital District DME, Spearman, Texas

Becoming an Exemplary Provider starts here.

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