Nov 10, 2020

Patient-Centered Medical Home Revised Standards Released

The Compliance Team Clinic Division has released the revised 2020 PCMH Quality Standards (REV. 10.19.20).  Please note that the standards have been condensed into one document and re-organized for ease of use. Previously, TCT had two sets of PCMH standards, one for TCT accredited Rural Health Clinics and one for Primary Care Practices. The latest revisions include PCMH 1.0 -8.0 and QI 1.0 and 2.0, followed by the additional Universal and Specialty standards for Primary Care Practices.  This should reduce any confusion of whether your practice is following the correct set of standards.  The PCMH checklist is revised to follow the same format.

All companion documents such as templates, policies, protocols, as well as webinars and training slides are in process of being updated to the revised standards and will have a date stamp of 10.19.20 for identification purposes as the current version.  We appreciate your patience as we update all resources for the PCMH program.  By the end of 2020, our goal is to have all resources available to you on our website.  In the interim, if you need a specific document you can send us a request.

Please contact Theresa  Griffin Rossi, Program Development Advisor, to answer any questions regarding the PCMH program at or at 215-654-9110 Ext. 1021.   


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