Feb 2, 2021

Preparing Now for Success in 2021

by Theresa Griffin-Rossi, Program Development Advisor

As we watch the year 2020 disappear in the rearview mirror, all eyes turn to the promise of a less challenging new year. The year that will forever be remembered as the beginning of a great pandemic, has ended with the hope that the distribution of a vaccine indicates better days are ahead.

In speaking with our clinics, we know that many of you have struggled to survive, patients have been reluctant to schedule routine visits for fear of being exposed to the virus, and access to care is even more limited in rural areas due to recent closures. The question remains: How can clinics better serve their communities while remaining financially viable moving forward?

One opportunity that may be overlooked is to become a patient centered medical home. What are the benefits and why should you consider preparing your clinic to become PCMH accredited? First, we would encourage you to read our interview with Kristen Ogden, Director of Clinic Quality and Accreditation in this edition of “Clinic Connection.”  Her clinics stayed committed to achieving their PCMH designation during the pandemic and it has resulted in financial returns that exceeded expectations. A true success story that is a win, win, win for patients, providers, and payors.

Next, go to Nine Compelling Reasons to Become a Patient-Centered Medical Home to understand why it is important to consider PCMH for your practice. Understanding the “why” before you begin will help you engage staff (and patients!) in the process leading to higher levels of satisfaction for everyone involved. 

If you are still not convinced, let me leave you with some final recommendations to consider.

  1. Your clinic is most likely already engaged in many of the PCMH processes to some degree, so why not take advantage of the financial benefits that may be available with the PCMH recognition?
  2. Improving patient and provider satisfaction has been proven to generate better outcomes, which in turn bring greater rewards when payors take notice.
  3. Providing a sense of security for your patients allows them to feel comfortable seeking the medical attention they need from their trusted provider. Patients willing to schedule routine office visits instead of waiting until the last minute are less likely to frequent the ED and that drives revenue to your clinic. It also demonstrates to payors that you are committed to lowering costs by eliminating the need for more expensive point of care.
  4. The time it takes preparing to become a patient centered medical home is well worth the investment for the long-term financial benefits. As a PCMH, you build rapport with the community you serve and become known as the “provider of choice.”

The Compliance Team is committed to help you achieve success in 2021 and our staff is ready to work hand-in-hand with you to implement the PCMH model.  As Kristen says in her interview, “Don’t be overwhelmed!”  Take the first step and talk to us about the process to determine what you are already doing and what it would take to be recognized as a PCMH.  It is worth the phone call to discover what may be the best financial decision you make this year.

Don’t forget to share this edition of the Clinic Connection with your leadership and other clinic colleagues!

For more information, contact us at 215-654-9110 or email and request to speak to a PCMH Accreditation Advisor today.  You can also contact me directly at

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