Renewing in 2021: Get All the Details

By Lesa Merchant, VP of Pharmacy/DMEPOS Division

We have heard from many clients that keeping up with accreditation requirements has been a challenge this past year. We are not at all surprised to hear that.

The Compliance Team has also had to adjust to many changes, and we understand how hard it can be to stay on track when the goalposts keep changing.

Whether you are a new supplier and had a Real Time Remote™ visit or are an established supplier coming due for a renewal visit, it is important to take some time to make sure you are prepared for your visit.

In addition to referencing the DMEPOS Quality Standards, the tools listed below will help you to identify areas that need attention.

  • DMEPOS Renewal/Self-Assessment Checklists  –  Accessed via the Client Portal on The Compliance Team website ( and found in the “Checklist” folder.
  • DMEPOS Recorded Renewal Webinar  –  Accessed via the Client Portal on The Compliance Team website and found in the “Webinars” folder.
  • On-Call Advisor Support  –  For questions, or to let us know of a significant business change (e.g., staff working remotely, closures, etc.), please either submit a question or information via the “Client Services” tab, accessed from the home page of our website or contact our home office at (215) 654-9110.
  • Refresher Calls  –  Contact the home office to request a refresher call with one of our expert Call Advisors.  This is especially helpful if you have a new Compliance Officer or other key staff.

Our staff are always happy to help point you in the right direction. We appreciate how much time and effort goes into maintaining accreditation and are grateful to have so many clients who demonstrate over and over just how much they care about their patients and communities.

Thank you!

Become an Exemplary Provider.

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