Mar 23, 2022

Ever wonder what makes The Compliance Team’s accreditation and certification programs stand out from the rest?  Simply stated, it is how we deliver “Accreditation Simplified” through our provider-centric approach. We take the complicated and break it down into simplified, easy to understand standards. Add exceptional customer care delivered by a dedicate expert accreditation advisor and you will clearly see the difference. Your advisor will guide you through the process from start to onsite survey. Safety – Honesty – Caring®!

Are you already an Exemplary Provider® in one or more of our programs?  You may want to consider adding another program or certification to get the attention of third-party payors, new or existing patients, and your community.  Quality counts in healthcare and demonstrating the quality of care delivered by your clinic sets you apart from other providers making you the “exemplary provider” of choice in your hometown. 

Here is the list and links to the programs we offer:

Stand out in your community today and step up to Exemplary in your community!

To learn more, speak with an advisor or request the standards for any of our programs, please contact The Compliance Team at 215-654-9110.  We are standing by to assist you – always with a focus on saving you time and money – that’s Accreditation. Simplified.


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