Strengthening your Health Dept. through Immunization and Testing Certification

Listen to this engaging discussion with Sandra Canally, RN, Founder and CEO of The Compliance Team and Chris Crookham, MPA, CEM, BEAM (he/him), Manager, Immunizations Program, Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division of Austin Public Health regarding The Compliance Team’s Immunization and Testing Certification programs and their recent experience with certification at Austin Public Health. The webinar was sponsored by NACCHO (National Association of County Health Officials).

The Compliance Team, has designed a unique CLIA waived testing and vaccine certification program, which includes adult and pediatric specific standards that verify and validate best practices for LHD’s. The Certification program ensures that designated policies, and care practices are implemented. The LHD’s who receive this certification will become a certified Exemplary Provider of The Compliance Team.

Learning Objectives:

• Demonstrate the importance of third-party validation for immunization and testing programs.
• Application of certification standards to everyday practice through the eyes of Austin Public Health.
• Educate and provide Local Health Departments the framework of the Immunization and Testing certification program, inclusive of the necessary tools for success.

Become an Exemplary Provider.

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