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Swing Bed Certification
Exclusively from The Compliance Team

Swing Bed Certification Exclusively from The Compliance Team

Serve Your Rural Community with Validated Transitional Care

Rural communities across the country are challenged to compete with larger facilities to deliver patients with transitional care.This results in the patient being treated outside their “home community” at a long-term care facility or SNF. The Swing Bed Certification from TCT provides CAHs the opportunity to develop best practice transitional care services, while validating to the community that better care is available in their “home community.”

Beta tested to ensure excellence, the Swing Bed Certification delivers the evidence-based care that your CAH goes beyond just meeting the requirements and is elevating patient care. The performance metrics and swing bed specific patient satisfaction surveys raise patient confidence and make your CAH the transitional care destination of choice.

Working with TCT, we were able to truly focus on best practices for transitional care. Their outside perspective and in-depth expertise have helped us to develop a comprehensive care program. Swing Bed Certification is essential to validating to the community that we are the best choice for transitional care and right here in their hometown.

Kirsten Faessler, MPT

COO, Lexington Regional Health Center

A Comprehensive Care Plan. Better Patient Care.

Through the Comprehensive Care Planning approach, team members all have a thorough understanding of each patient’s care requirements – the why and how they will be treated. Further, the patient receives a higher quality of care from your RNs and LPNs,  who are better qualified and trained. Better care results when treatment goes beyond just the rehabilitation approach offered at long-term care facilities.

Validate your transitional care excellence.

We recognize the challenges that exist in rural communities to capture transitional care opportunities. The Swing Bed Certification not only validates your quality of care, but it also immediately tells the community that the best care option is your Critical Access Hospital.

Steve Simmerman

COO, The Compliance Team

Introducing Swing Bed Compare

A patient satisfaction reporting and provider benchmarking tool.

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