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Introducing Swing Bed Compare.

A patient satisfaction reporting and provider benchmarking tool


Assess patient satisfaction to evaluate performance and grow your swing bed program.
Patient satisfaction and quality care surveys are vitally important to every healthcare delivery business. By evaluating comparisons in access to care, delivery of services, and patient experience, providers can identify gaps in their own operations and focus efforts on areas in need of improvement. For those considering establishing or growing a swing bed (SB) facility, this can be a critical component in your business’s development.

As a national accreditation organization for almost 30 years, The Compliance Team (TCT) believes in the value of measuring patient satisfaction and utilizing the data to implement improvements. By doing so, providers demonstrate to their patients they are focused on delivering quality, patient-centered care.

TCT’s Swing Bed Compare™ is a new specialty section within our patient satisfaction reporting and provider benchmarking tool, PQM (Provider Quality Measurement™). Our PQM tool has been used by thousands of healthcare providers for more than 25 years, with over two million completed patient surveys.

Designed specifically for critical access hospitals (CAHs) who provide transitional care services to patients within their rural communities, Swing Bed Compare helps your CAH gather individual patient satisfaction feedback, aggregate surveys, and benchmark your facility against other swing bed facilities.

Achieve patient-centered operational and clinical excellence
Consistent evaluation of patient satisfaction and benchmarking, enables you to implement quality improvements within your swing bed facility to achieve operational excellence. Operational excellence, validated by TCT’s Swing Bed Certification, leads to clinical excellence, increasing both staff and patient satisfaction. The ability to show your swing bed program is delivering quality, patient-centered care will make your CAH the facility of choice for new and existing referral sources.


Unlimited access to Swing Bed Compare until 2025.

TCT is providing easy, free access to our Swing Bed Compare patient satisfaction tool until December 31, 2024. Starting January 1, 2025, only TCT customers and Swing Bed Compare subscribers will have access.

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