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April 2023

Message from our CEO

Sandra Canally, Founder, CEO, The Compliance TeamValue-Based Care (VBC) is now being used in almost every sector of health care. Whether you like it or not, the VBC model of care is already here and is here to stay.

This quarter we thought we would educate you on some of the VBC programs that are currently available.  Simply put, VBC replaces the “fee for service” model with a “fee for performance” metric.

CMS already compensates providers for some VBC programs. Although not every state is on board yet, more and more payers are starting to toe the line. Are you ready?
Sandra Canally, RN, founder and CEO


Patient-Centered Respiratory Home™

The Compliance Team’s proprietary Patient-Centered Respiratory Home (PCRH) accreditation is our response to VBC in the DMEPOS market.

PCRH is specifically designed to help respiratory care professionals perform at the top of their licenses. PCRH sets in place quality standards that guide clinical respiratory providers to better engage with their chronic care patients.

Better outcomes are driven through additional care planning and focused follow-up visits:

1. To address poor respiratory care management
2. To decrease ED visits
3. To lower the number of hospital readmissions.

PCRH builds upon the Clinical Respiratory Accreditation (another sub-specialty DMEPOS program from TCT), by enhancing patient management practices through concise measures that cover access issues, provider coordination, and communication between respiratory specialists and prescribers.

Check out our DMEPOS programs here.

Live from Medtrade 2023

Sandra Canally and Rick Nair from HME Business

Sandy Canally talks to Rick Neigher from HME Business about changes in DMEPOS accreditation.


Clinical Disease Management Certification

Clinical Disease Management (CDM) is a Value-Based Care program that verifies and validates that your pharmacy or local health department (LHD) meets or exceeds the established quality standards for delivering focused, high-quality disease management care. For pharmacies, the certification program is appropriate for those that have already moved from or are moving from transaction-based practices to clinical-based services. The goal is to improve operational excellence in the clinical practice of the pharmacy, saving payors and patients money, with an eye on increased revenue.

Pharmacies and LHDs that achieve CDM recognition are acknowledged by The Compliance Team for their roles in helping patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. The program is designed to help you improve your patients’ overall health outcomes and quality of life.

For more information, visit the Clinical Disease Management page on our website.


Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™

In June of 2018, The Compliance Team launched its proprietary Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home (PCPH) accreditation designation to specifically focus on advanced pharmacy practices and address value-based care.

The PCPH standards are based on our CMS-recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home accreditation standards. The program’s emphasis is on improved patient medication management and care planning through better coordination between pharmacists and prescribing professionals.

Patients visit their pharmacists much more frequently than they do their providers, making pharmacists critical to effective and safe patient care. Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home allows pharmacists to work at the top of their licenses and be part of the patient’s care team in a value-based care model.

For more information, visit the PCPH page on our website.


Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

The Compliance Team is CMS-recognized for its PCMH accreditation program. PCMH is a measured continuous quality improvement program that incorporates patient-centered practice guidelines. Patient-centered programs and value-based care are advanced by the National Academy of Medicine (formerly Institute of Medicine) and the nation’s leading primary care physician societies. The Compliance Team’s plain-language Safety-Honesty-Caring Quality® standards focus on day-to-day practice operations. Special emphasis is given to health maintenance, preventative screening, multi-specialty medical services, patient experience reporting, and bench-marking.

Some of the benefits of PCMH are:
· More patient and provider friendly
· Better coordination of necessary resources within your community
· Engages patients in their care treatment
· Reduction in staff resources
· Pro-actively meets patients’ needs
· Prevents trips to the hospital
· Reduces unscheduled health emergencies
· PCMH meets MIPS guidelines for CMS reimbursement and can result in increased payments from CMS and other payors


PCMH Webinar Series

Kristen OgdenKristen Ogden, Director of Quality Improvement, is hosting quarterly Lunch and Learn webinars on PCMH. Email her to make sure you are on the invite list for the next webinar in July 2023.

2nd Annual RHC Summit

RHC Summit 2023 Graphic


Local Health Department – NEW accreditation program

The Compliance Team proudly announces its new accreditation program for local health departments – your only choice for a care-driven, patient-centered, cost-effective accreditation program. Call today to be considered as a beta site. More information >.

Message from the home office:

We are pleased to announce recent additions to our team.

Matt Kelly has a degree from Temple University and will have the important job of staying on top of scoring documents as well as other jobs within the home office.

Karen Vandeven is a seasoned marketing professional who is taking over the role of sending out email announcements and newsletters and maintaining our contact databases.


1. For those renewing accreditation. Remember to log in to the provider-exclusive section of our website so you can access our comprehensive self-assessment checklists , updated standards, and other accreditation tools and resources.

2. Be sure to use our Patient Satisfaction Survey tools – an automated process to gather patient data and run reports. If you are unsure how to use this tool, email Roy Dunning.

3. Ready for a new AO? Contact us for details on our transition pricing and terms.

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Exemplary Provider® Decals

All  Exemplary Providers should proudly display your window clings (sent in your welcome packet) and add the Exemplary Provider decal to their websites (available in the Login area of our website). If you need different sizes of the logo and/or high-resolution images for print materials, please contact Marilyn Bullock, our Communications Advisor.

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