TelePharmacy Accreditation

The Compliance Team’s TelePharmacy accreditation standards provide validation of your remote prescription dispensing locations. Your TelePharmacy Accreditation Exemplary Provider status will reassure your community of your pharmacy’s quality and safety.

Using telecommunications options, TelePharmacy lets you share payroll costs over multiple store locations, while allowing you to efficiently serve a larger community. TelePharmacy is especially beneficial in geographically remote regions of the country, where pharmacies are not always easily accessible by patients in need.

The Compliance Team’s TelePharmacy accreditation gives you the confidence that your services and processes have been validated by a nationally recognized third-party accreditation organization.

Why Telepharmacy?

  • Financial savings for the pharmacy. If you plan to open a secondary pharmacy location, TelePharmacy gives you the option of using technology instead of hiring an additional pharmacist. This allows you to expand your business, while optimizing your resources.
  • Saves the patient/customer time and money. Customers can continue to get personalized pharmacist services without having to travel large distances. This gives your patients easier access to healthcare. Giving your clientele options may improve customer satisfaction.
  • Good for the community. Telepharmacy gives pharmacies the ability to serve patients in underserved areas of the county.

TelePharmacy is regulated by your state. Check with your state’s board of pharmacy to get a list of their specific guidelines regarding TelePharmacy.

At The Compliance Team, TelePharmacy is a sub specialty of our Community Pharmacy accreditation program.

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