The Compliance Team Announces New Clinical Disease Management Program

This new program recognizes community pharmacies for expanding roles and delivering clinical-based services.

March 2022, Spring House, Pennsylvania – The Compliance Team (TCT), a CMS approved accreditation organization, has launched a new pharmacy-based program that focuses on clinical disease management (CDM). Pharmacies that achieve CDM recognition are acknowledged by TCT for their roles in helping patients with diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases, subsequently improving their overall health outcomes and quality of life. The CDM program focuses on pharmacies that have already moved from or are in the process of moving from a transaction-based practice to a clinical-based practice that promotes continuous pro-active patient-centered care in the community.

The CDM Recognition Program verifies and validates pharmacies that meet the established quality standards for clinical disease management.

“This program is another indication of our commitment to serving the needs of community pharmacies,” explained The Compliance Team CEO Sandra Canally. “This certification is a focused validation of a pharmacy’s ability to move to a Value-Based Care model, where the focus is on clinical-based instead of transaction-based services.”

Traditionally, patients with diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol seek care from their primary care providers; however, we know that most patients see their pharmacists much more frequently. Pharmacy CDM recognition enables patients to receive their prescription medications from their community retail pharmacies, while benefiting from a higher level of pharmacy care. Most importantly, the pharmacy actively supports patients and their primary care providers in managing patients’ chronic conditions.

To participate in the new program, the pharmacy must develop a CDM program that is based on clinical evidence, guidelines, and best practices, and meets the related TCT quality standards. Under the program, the pharmacy will define target patients, establish measurable outcome goals, and develop individualized action plans to help patients achieve specific objectives. The pharmacy will need to identify tools and resources to enable pharmacists to continuously monitor patient health status, medication adherence, blood glucose and A1C levels for patients with diabetes, blood pressure for patients with hypertension, and blood cholesterol level for patients on statin medications. The CDM program incorporates patient self-management through diet and life-style modifications.

“Pharmacies that develop and implement a comprehensive CDM program can reduce overall health care costs and earn additional payment for their services by health plans and payers,” shared Canally. “It is yet another innovative solution developed by our amazing team to support our pharmacy providers.”

The program can either be a stand-alone certification or can be embedded as a module in TCT’s Pharmacy Services accreditation program.

To learn more about The Compliance Team’s Clinical Disease Management program, visit our website at: or call 215-999-6252.

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