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Jan 21, 2022

Up Close with Rosanna Bryant, Provider Development


Rosanna lives in the Seattle area, is married to Peter and has three kids (adults!), ages 30, 24 and 20.

Rosanna’s path to The Compliance Team
She was working with TCT as a marketing rep with ties to a major drug store supplier on the West Coast when she met TCT CEO Sandra Canally through a marketing representative on her team. The two did a survey together and Rosanna was intrigued by the DME program and enjoyed the interaction with the provider during the survey. She appreciated educating and visiting small family-owned providers. 

Rosanna became a TCT advisor 12 years ago, stating “TCT provides the family atmosphere,” which mattered most to her when she chose an employer and career.

What she likes most about working with TCT
Meeting the providers, the variety of different businesses and the people running them.
Visiting organizations that deeply care for their customers / patients.

Compliment she received from a TCT client
“This was not as scary a process as I thought it would be.” The client appreciated Rosanna’s clear explanations during the visit. Rosanna wishes clients would not be nervous or scared when advisors enter to do their survey. “We are not there to disrupt business and there is no need to be anxious – but I understand their position.”

Rosanna, continues, “We know it could be a bad day the Advisor shows up, but the visits must be unannounced and visit days are determined with the client’s best interest in mind, as far as grouping travel and limiting expenses for our clients.”

Biggest tip for our TCT clients
If you are a new provider, take advantage of the preparatory call series. The TCT Call Advisors are remarkable at guiding clients in preparing for accreditation. If you are an existing provider, take advantage of using the Self-Assessment Check Lists for each section to ensure you are ready for a visit.

What Rosanna does on weekends
If the weather is good in Seattle, walks with her husband Peter.  Rosanna is a self-described “gym rat” who enjoys HIT workouts and yoga.

Bucket List
Travel, possibly to Morocco.  So many countries to see. Get a small camper and travel across the US.

A 16-year-old Tibetan Terrier that requires some tender care. Rosanna states their home is an assisted living center for the small dog.

Hidden Talent
Making “garbage can” soup.  Finding existing food products and turning them into a healthy soup that Rosanna claims “usually tastes pretty good but could never be duplicated.”

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