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Flexibility. Accessibility. Consistency. Simplicity.

Our comprehensive, yet simplified, standards can be tailored to your business model. When you successfully complete our program, you will receive Exemplary Provider designation.

Self-reliant providers, large and small, urban and rural based, appreciate our Exemplary Provider® healthcare accreditation and certification programs because they are uniquely structured to dramatically simplify the accreditation process. Each program is customized to a provider’s needs while featuring: mentoring and policy templates; self-assessment checklists; corporate compliance/anti-fraud plans; and electronic outcomes benchmarking. It all adds up to an unrivaled accreditation/certification value that protects patients and providers as well as the public and third-party payors.

Achievement of Exemplary Provider® Accredited Status

The Compliance Team is the only accreditation organization to offer Exemplary Provider® accredited status. Our simplified, plain-language standards dramatically transform what has previously been an overly complex and burdensome validation process. Simplification leads to clarity and clarity allows the provider to focus on what matters most, improving patient care. Exemplary Provider accreditation recognizes you for the community leader you are – a bona-fide patient champion.

Accreditation Redefined

Expert-led guidance and online tools have defined The Exemplary Provider program for over 25 years. Our core mission is to promote health care delivery excellence through the implementation of sustainable quality improvement measures.

Included with every accreditation:

  • An assigned advisor who mentors you through a virtual review of the Quality Standards and Evidence of Compliance.
  • A series of web-based calls to guide you through the on-site preparation and online tools.
  • Self-assessment checklists that help keep you on track. Checklists are designed for both renewal and new providers. Customers pursuing any of our expanded practices will have specific checklists to address their scope of services.
  • Access to webinars, for you and your team, to help you through the accreditation process or a deeper understanding of key topics.
  • Policies and procedures templates that are designed to help you customize your policies to meet your scope of practice and business model. (These are not available to Rural Health Clinics.)
  • Excellent responsiveness means real-time help during our business hours (Eastern Time) and accreditation advisors on call via email.


Accreditation is easier to attain and maintain

With a simplified accreditation process, The Compliance Team provides you with a Blueprint for Achieving Quality and a Foundation for Maintaining Compliance. Our operations-based, flexible standards enable you to achieve operational efficiencies and productivity. In addition, we provide all the tools you need to achieve accreditation and to help you remain compliant.

You save time and money

The Compliance Team’s industry-leading accreditation model was the first to deliver a comprehensive set of operations-driven quality standards. Why is “operations-driven” important? The Compliance Team’s standards are adaptable to varying business models. You will learn how to incorporate the standards into your current business model, making adoption of our program a seamless and efficient process and saving you valuable time and money.

Improved patient outcomes through Value-Based Care

Service specific and scalable, our programs serve as blueprints for helping provider operations reach the highest levels of Value-Based Care. Safety-Honesty-Caring® has always been at the heart of our accreditation programs, benefitting patients, providers, and payors.

Enhanced business practices and patient outcomes

As an accredited Exemplary Provider, your program includes our Patient Quality Measurement™ (PQM) Satisfaction Portal. The Compliance Team is the only accreditation organization that has its own national patient satisfaction reporting and benchmarking web portal. Patient satisfaction surveys are critical to your business as part of a continuous quality improvement process. Tracking patient data helps you determine areas in need of improvement and helps you show patients, the public, employees, and third-party payors that your clients and patients are receiving the care they need and deserve. This allows our clients to benchmark their patient care services and practices against thousands of other provider surveys in our database. We currently have over two million questionnaire results.

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