When Simple is Best

The Compliance Team was the first accreditation organization (AO) to develop a simplified plain-language set of standards. Accreditation simplification isn’t about what you give up or lose; accreditation simplification is about what you gain during the accreditation process and how it facilitates on-going excellence. Simplification leads to clarity and clarity allows providers to focus on what matters most –healthcare excellence, or, what we call, Safety-Honesty-Caring®.

  • The Compliance Team’s standards are based on a universal set of easy-to-understand elements built into each program. From day one, this core information is easy for you to comprehend and implement. Simplifying the standards saves you time and money.
  • Because The Compliance Team’s accreditation programs are operations-based, the standards are flexible enough to integrate the evidence of compliance into your organization’s existing operation. This makes it easier for your employees to adapt to the new system – a Win-Win for all.
  • The Compliance Team offers free self-assessment checklists and easy access to accreditation advisors. If you are following the correct procedures and processes on an on-going basis, you are more likely to maintain your accreditation.

The Compliance Team’s proprietary Exemplary Provider® Certificate of Excellence is awarded to those organizations that pass our comprehensive evidence of compliance. Our simplified standards make this a task that every provider can accomplish. We at The Compliance Team encourage you to contact us to see how your operation can become an accredited Exemplary Provider.

Becoming an Exemplary Provider® starts here.

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